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Creative with a strategic mindset and hands-on approach 

Specialist within copywriting, defining insights and connecting conceptual dots 

Extensive knowledge of brand building, digital comms and content creation

When I grew up in a little village by the sea, I invented a live roleplay together with a one of my best friends. We called it “Those We Invent”. It was a doorway to an open world of imagination and fantasy. We created characters, which we played, and took on epic journeys towards battles and treasures in the nearby woods. I believe that I’ve taken childhood play with me in my professional work. In my field of business it’s crucial to keep imagining the unimaginable to push creativity, teamwork and solutions to new playful and successful levels.


•• Don’t grow up, grow ideas. ••

DMJX 08.15 - present
Lecturer in Creativity, Concept, Content

Overby & Andersen 06.15 - present
Senior Copywriter & Concept Developer

Hjaltelin Stahl 05.14 - 08.15
Copywriter & Content Creator

Very 11.11 - 05.14
Copywriter & Content Editor
Overby & Andersen 05.11 - 11.11
Copywriter & Concept Developer

Mindjumpers 11.10 - 05.11
Copywriter & Concept Developer

Factor X Reklamebureau 10.08 - 11.10
Copywriter & Concept Developer

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2016 - Danish Digital Award: Silver "Branded Utilities"

Case: Ønskeskyen. Client: Post Danmark

2016 - Danish Internet Awards - "Branded Utilities" & "New Platform" 

Case: Ønskeskyen. Client: Post Danmark

2015 - Danish Digital Award: "Omnichannel Presence" 

Case: The Perfect Recipe. Client: Karolines Køkken / Arla

2015 - Rambuk: The Insight Award

Case: Julekortet - verdens mest sociale medie. Client: Post Danmark





2015 - Creative Circle (Shortlisted): 

CopenHell: A Fistful of Metal // Advertising, Events
Kræftens Bekæmpelse: Skyggehygge // Digital, Social Media Campaigns
Post Danmark: Julekortet // Film - Internet

2015 - Danish Internet Awards (Shortlisted): 

Karolines Køkken: The Perfect Recipe // Digital Cross Channel Strategy
Karolines Køkken: The Perfect Recipe // Social Media
Kræftens Bekæmpelse: Skyggehygge // Social Media
Karolines Køkken: The Perfect Recipe // Social Media Strategy


Tel: +45 21 17 16 79


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